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Proyectos EPC

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Also included are a number of additional services necessary to perform these three main design, supply and construction objectives.

Equipos y procesos offers complete guarantee of efficiency in the implementation of the project. The responsibility is focused on our hands exempting investors from the inherent risk of contracts with suppliers.

The EPC or “turnkey” contractual solution guarantees compensation for delays in the completion of the project and also assumes full responsibility for the total cost of the project and returns as defined in the contract.

We design the project that you need maximizing productions, we acquire the equipment and materials and we take care of the execution of the entire installation.

The client receives the installation or the work he needed, at the price agreed upon at the beginning of the contract, leaving us with the task of coordinating all the work until its completion. The single point of control over the design of the entire plant and the management of the project under the EPC contract favors the homogeneity of the plant as well as equipment and materials in general.


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