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Automatic big-bag fillers

In Equipos y procesos we design and manufacture complete installations tailored for filling and handling big-bags. Introducing the BBA series big-bag filling station, exclusive in the market.


  • With 1 filling station, from 30 to 60 bb/h.
  • With 2 filling station, from 60 to 120 bb/h.
  • With 3 filling station, from 90 to 180 bb/h.

Production will vary depending on the model of the equipment, degree of automation of the installation and the type of product to be packaged.
Once the tests have been carried out with your product in our laboratory, we will indicate the maximum production of the equipment.

The basic functions of the big bag filling station, automatic BBA series are:

  • Big-bag feed per coil, 240 units.
  • Weighing hopper.
  • Pallet dispenser.
  • Placing cardboard on pallet.
  • Sack closure by heat sealing or ultrasound.
  • Puff inflation by air or inert gas.
  • Hermetic filling head system.
  • Suction system inside the bag.
  • Sampling.
  • Bar code printing.
  • Re-weighting of the filled bag
  • Feed to 3 simultaneous stations.

Semiautomatic big-bag fillers

En Equipos y Procesos diseñamos y fabricamos instalaciones completas a medida para el llenado y manipulado de big-bag. Presentamos la estación de llenado de big-bag serie BBA, exclusiva en el mercado.


  • 1 estación de llenado, semiautomática: de 60 a 100 bb/h

La producción variará dependiendo del modelo del equipo, grado de automatización de la instalación y del tipo del producto a envasar.
Una vez realizadas las pruebas con su producto en nuestro laboratorio, le indicaremos la producción máxima del equipo.

The basic functions of the big bag filling station, semi-automatic BBA series are as follows:

  • Weighing hopper
  • Weighing on roller conveyor.
  • Belt, chain or roller conveyors.
  • Pallet dispenser.
  • Cardboard setter on pallets.
  • Film setter on pallets.
  • Hermetic system in filling head.
  • Suction system inside the bag.
  • Puff inflation with air or nitrogen.
  • Sample Taker.
  • Product compaction on roller conveyor.
  • Sack closure by heat sealing or ultrasound.
  • Barcode placement.
  • Reworking and checking full-bag full.

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