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Big-bag and sack unloaders.2019-10-10T15:41:29+02:00

Big-bag and sack unloaders

We design and manufacture complete custom installations for the handling and emptying of both sacks and Big-Bag, our equipment is modular.

This ensures that they adapt easily to the characteristics of the product and that suitable coupling systems can be selected to ensure operation. Our BBV series Big-Bag emptying stations can be configured according to the following components:

Placement of the bag with hoist or wheelbarrow.
Hermetic discharge systems
Anti-vault side systems.
Vibrating plates.
Static or dynamic weighting systems.
Dosification equipment.
Pneumatic convey equipment.
Self-tensioning sack systems.
Automatic or manual flow closure.
Screening systems.

Our SCV series bag discharge stations can be configured according to the following components:

Suction and filtering systems
Static or dynamic safety sieves.
Bag Breaker.
Empty sack extractor and accumulator.
Tilting doors with support tray.
Bag unload suport systems
Mixed configuration (Big-bag and sack unloader).
Weighting systems.
Adaptations for connection with transfer equipment (worm, rotary, etc).


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