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We design and manufacture machines for weighing and packaging bulk sacks, powdery or granulated products.

We use different dosing systems according to the products to be packaged, we have equipment for both net weight and gross weight, with feed systems per belt, auger or vibrated gravity.

We manufacture fully modular and configurable baggers according to bagging needs, among others, we highlight the following modules.


The structure supports all machine components. The drives are anchored at the top of it, which allows for a large interior space, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance operations.

Mechanical warehouse system

The mechanical warehouse system allows autonomies of up to 1000 empty bags, while ensuring the operator’s non-intervention due to its opening, centering and presentation of the bag.

Positioning arm

Take the bag from the top with a tweezers system and put it in the sandwich. Once the weighing system is finished, another clamp system takes the full bag from the top and places it on the evacuation belt.

Evacuation line

The bag is supported by its base, at the same time as transmission belts with synchronized motorization, transport the bag with the top closed, to the bag sealing systems.

Control Panel

Through an industrial computer, it facilitates programming operations, weight statistics, labeling programming, as well as remote assistance and remote control of bagger production.

Sack  type
Min dimensions 
Max dimensions 
Max production
Compressed air consumption
Installed wattage
Powdered products, additives.
Raffia, paper, PE, complexes, aluminum, etc.
9.84 x 19.68 in
200 x 500 mm
25.59 x 43.31 in
650 x 1.100 mm
400 bags/h
900 l/min
6 kw
Granules or good performance powders .
700 bags/h
Granules, rice, feed, sugar, fertilizers, plastic granules, etc.
1200 bags/h
850 l/min
8,5 kw
1500 bags/h

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